A collaborative community space in the forest of Puerto Princesa, Palawan


The Big Idea

​​Butanding Barrio is a makerspace for Palawan artists and artisans. We support local skills, knowledge, and livelihood as well as foster the growth of local materials through craftsmanship and resource exchanges.

Enjoy the sunlight stream through our 4 hectare property, at the heart of which sits our giant bamboo pavilion, built to showcase local building techniques and artists. Our saltwater pool can be rented for sunset sorties, and private huts tucked away in the forest can be your home for a few nights.

The Experience



We offer an immersive nature experience in our private kubos (huts). Hidden away in the privacy of the trees, the kubos feature curtains instead of walls, allowing the sunlight and breeze to peek through.



Our bamboo pavilion and bar area has played host to lively parties and quiet breakfasts, while our 18-meter pool and an open kubo can be rented out for small private events. We also have high-speed internet and strong coffee for those who want to work between dips in the pool.

Built by local hands using local knowledge and plants, Butanding Barrio is an enclave for artists and artisans who want to collaborate for sustainable cultural development. We provide space for makers and movers to create programs, events, and initiatives that contribute to lasting positive impact.

The Space

Art Residency

Butanding Barrio has been part of the Art Fair Philippines Art Residency Program since 2021. Ours is a three week free-flowing program where both Butanding Barrio and the artist collaborate together to tailor the program according to the artist's needs.

Events and Workshops

Butanding Barrio hosts events and workshops such as craft markets and skill exchanges. We partner with artistic, ecological, and educational initiatives that support the local community and contribute to the Palawan cultural economy.



Find us


Bay Vista Road, Bgy. Santa Monica,
Puerto Princesa, Palawan